peebs (peebs1701) wrote,

This weekend is apparently the "Silly Olympics" at Kaitlin's school. I've been skipping out on a lot of school functions lately (which means so has Kaitlin) because I haven't been feeling well, but this last week I've been feeling pretty good, so I think Kaitlin will get to do this one. I have no idea what it entails except for a bunch of, presumably silly, games. I'll probably need to bring money just in case. These things have a way of turning out to be fund raisers.

We've been working on what to do for Memorial Day weekend. Most years we go to the Kinetic Sculpture Race up in Eureka, but we didn't plan for that as early this year because we didn't know what was going to happen with me employment-wise. And hey look, I'm employed! I do have Memorial Day off and Josh is taking off the Saturday before so we get the full three-day weekend together. (Very nice, since we typically only get to see each other all day on Sundays.) It's a bit late for booking hotels, and considering my health problems I'm wary of a five hour drive anyway, particularly since there isn't much around for the last three hours of it. On top of which, Mom has offered to take us on a different vacation later this year and while we've saved up some money I don't think we can afford to do both. So we're coming up with something else to do. Current ideas involve Marine World in Vallejo with our old neighbors. We'll see. I know Kaitlin wants to see Kung-Fu Panda 2 at some point too.
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