peebs (peebs1701) wrote,

While I was in school I didn't post much because I was too busy reading textbooks and writing papers. Now I don't post much because I don't really have much to talk about. I haven't really gotten started on the job search, but I promised Josh I'd finish my resume today. I've been doing laundry and dishes and keeping the apartment more or less in order. I even vacuumed the living room yesterday. I really need to set myself a schedule though, otherwise I'll end up playing around on the computer all day and never actually apply for jobs.

The weekend was really nice though. On Sunday I got to go have lunch with a friend sans kids for the first time in years. Then we went to Point Pinole, intending to hike around. Instead we looked at the goats they have for ground cover control and played at the park for a while, but at least it was outside. Monday we took Kaitlin to the book fair at school and then walked up to Indian Rock Park. I'm enjoying the weekends a lot more now that I don't spend time with any other adults during the week.

My ex on Facebook still hasn't responded to my friend request, but oddly his wife did. So at least if I don't get to have an old friend back I get to make a new one.

And that's about it.
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