peebs (peebs1701) wrote,

Books read this year

5. Spider Bones - Kathy Reichs
4. Pyramids - Terry Pratchett
3. Wyrd Sisters - Terry Pratchett
2. American Gods - Neil Gaiman
1. Sourcery - Terry Pratchett

I certainly haven't been doing as much reading this year as I thought I would have. Turns out when I'm at home with a Playstation and Netflix I spend more time watching TV and playing video games. More stories per hour I guess. Spider Bones was a decent Temperance Brennan novel, though you don't really get any tension until about two thirds of the way through it because she's investigating old deaths so you don't worry about "the killer". But since I read the books more for the forensics I still enjoyed it.
Tags: book lists, books 2011
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